Split is situated in the center of the southern Croatian region of Dalmatia. It’s the second-largest city in Croatia and the third-largest passenger port of the Mediterranean as well as an important passenger hub and a gateway to central-Dalmatian islands. The inner city has about 200 000 residents and the metropolitan region around 400 000. Split was founded more than 1700 years ago by the Roman Emperor Diocletian and his imperial palace occupies the most important part of the old town. With the beachfront and palm trees right in front of the palace, Split offers the perfect Mediterranean postcard. During its long history, many cultures left their footprint still visible today on the squares and the alleys of the city center. Being located on a peninsula, Split had always a very special connection with the sea. On the very tip of the peninsula, there is a Marjan hill that offers scenic views of the city with the mountains in the background and the Dalmatian islands in front of them….

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Dubrovnik is a small town situated on the Dalmatian coast. Since 1979 Dubrovnik is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. This beautiful old town has been nicknamed “The Pearl of the Adriatic” and every year attracts thousands of tourists from all around the world. Dubrovnik was founded in the 6th century and after being a part of various empires, back in the 14th century, Dubrovnik became the capital of the Dubrovnik Republic which was one the most important mercantile and maritime centers on the Mediterranean. The town was destroyed by a catastrophic earthquake in 1667 that killed more 5000 people. The Republic was dissolved by Napoleon back in 1808 and in 1815 Dubrovnik became a part of Dalmatia and Croatia. The city was devastated in 1991 during the Serbian aggression on Croatia. Dubrovnik is an all year round destination, visited by many international celebrities and one of the most popular Mediterranean cruising destinations. Dubrovnik was chosen as a location for filming many international movies and TV series like “Game of thrones”, “Casanova”, “The Secret Invasion” (1964), “Captain America” (1990), Star Wars Rogue One (2016) etc. So if you want to enjoy some amazing history, but also beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, breathtaking atmosphere and delicious local food, Dubrovnik is the perfect top destination for you….

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