Umag is a city in Istria that year after year attracts numerous tourists with its beautiful 45 km long coast, interesting hinterland, crystal clear sea and unique old buildings built by the Romans who once used the place as their summer residence and churches in renaissance and baroque style. It is also known as the westernmost city of Croatia and a host of famous ATP tournament.

What to visit

When in Umag, don’t miss the chance to visit the Town’s Walls with gated drawbridge that dates from the 10th century and the Church of St Roche (16th century) with its oil-painted ceiling. If you want to dig in a bit deeper in town’s ancient arts and crafts, definitely give a go to the Umag Town Museum where you can assist the abundant exhibitions of ancient pottery and various other items made by locals. There are many other art galleries as well, one of the most popular being the Gallery Marin, situated in Town Walls.
Once done with the sightseeing, find a nice spot under the sun on one of the Umag’s beautiful beaches and take a dip in its clear, vibrant sea.

Umag sunset

Sport and Recreation

Some say Umag is a city of tourism and sport. It has been for years a host of the ATP tournament that attracts numerous world’s top tennis players and it surely offers many options for those in love with fitness and recreation. If you are more into doing sports rather than just watching it, Umag is a perfect place to enjoy cycling (there are lots of bike trails ideal for exploring the area), jogging, diving, trekking, water-skiing and dragon flight.


Cheer up your loved ones at home with buying some of the typical souvenirs available at every corner: local pottery, paintings, wooden crafts, a bottle of extra virgin olive oil or wine could be a perfect choice.


The restaurants and bistros in Umag offer most of the typical Istrian dishes, such as “fritaja” (scrambled eggs with asparagus), truffles, “ombolo”, Istrian prosciutto in red wine and many others. Restaurants usually use only fresh and local produce, so the menu may be different depending on the season in which you find yourself in Umag.


Nearby destinations

Savudrija lighthouse is located just 9 km from Umag and it can be easily reached by bicycle, boat or car. The interesting fact about this lighthouse is that it was the first one in the world which light came from gas that was produced by distilled coal from a coal mine in the Labin area. It was designed by the architect Pietro Nobile and was once of the big importance to the inhabitants of Trieste as it assured them safe passage into the port of Trieste. Even though close to the inhabited area, the atmosphere around the lighthouse is extremely peaceful and calming and it is definitely worth a visit!


There are many open-air events and shows taking place in Umag, especially during summer months, so make sure to check out the town’s events calendar for the day.

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