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Listing Type : Events
Location : Varazdin
Event Category : Festivals
Start Date : 17.08.2017
End date : 27.08.2017
Organizer : Tourist Board Varaždin

The basic idea of the festival, named “Špancirfest”, is to make sure that during the period of the 10 days of the festival most visitors feel they belong to a particular cultural community that cultivates creative thinking, imagination and freedom of expression. “Špancirfest” gathers both professional and self-taught artists from all over the world. It takes place at the end of August and, as the first street festival in Croatia, is the most visited and most influential festival of this type in the country. It brings together musicians and bands, theatre companies, street performance companies, individual street performers and visual artists (multimedia, painting, product design etc.).

“Špancirfest” is a great outdoor artistic workshop where the artists and the audience participate equally. By means of the “Špancirfest”, the audience has a unique opportunity to encounter various unusual artistic forms which are all in accordance with the basic concept of the festival. Different events during the festival take place at different, mostly outdoor, locations in the city’s baroque centre, which is a pedestrian zone.

The festival’s program is divided into two parts: the main and the follow-up programme. The main part of the programme consists of: musical stage programmes (4 stages with different types of music), street entertainers (performances, acrobatics, street theatres, street musicians), children’s theatre, comedy plays and creative workshops (for all ages: from creative recycling to applied design). The festival also has numerous follow-up programmes such as exhibitions, discussion panels, promotions of the local art and comic scenes etc. The last edition of the festival staged 202 unique programmes (495 events) and 727 creativity industry workers (Croatia, 17 European and 5 non-European countries).

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